Catering Services in Bokaro

An efficient and well-trained catering service is the need of the day for any household hosting various occasions like small get together, festivals and weddings. Also, it is a prime arrangement in any business conferences. A good catering service is one where not only the food is sumptuous but also provides good service adhering to the needs of the host. Bokaro even being a small city holds numerous social, cultural, religious and commercial events where food is the most important role. Bokaro has a multi-ethnic cuisine that is liked by everyone and is a part of every occasion be it any festival or wedding events. The city has good catering services adhering to the needs of the occasion, arranging healthy food and quality service. Below listed are popular caterers in Bokaro.

Popular Caterers in Bokaro

Catering Services in Bokaro

Annapurna Caterers and Chhaya Tent House
Address: Shop No. 6, Shopping Center, Bokaro Steel City H O, Bokaro – 827001, Jharkhand
Contact No.: 9472762421

Satkar Tent and Caterers
Address: Bokaro City, Bokaro Stell City H O, Bokaro -827001, Jharkhand
Contact No.: 9334242284

Maa Mani Catering
Address: Chas, Bokaro, Bokaro Steel City H O, Bokaro – 827001, Jharkhand
Contact No.: 9931308185

Birayani and Tandoori
Address: Jb 25, City Center, Sector IV, Bokaro -827004, Jharkhand
Contact No.: 06542-233220

Culcutta Caterers
Address: Sector VI Center Market, Bokaro, Jharkhand
Contact: 9931761745

Lal Caterer
Address: QTR No. – 3056, Sector 4E, Street – 11, Sector IV, Bokaro – 827004, Jharkhand
Contact No.: 9263611170, 9431740368

Nav Durga Catering
Address: City Center, Sector 1, Bokaro Steel City.
Contact No.: 9334188499

Babulal Caterer and Cooking
Address: P - 33, City Sector, Sector 4 Bokaro.
Contact No.: 9934529720

Priyanka Catering
Address: Ray Chowk, Sector 8, Bokaro.
Contact No.: 9835306848 for details.

Kaliya Pandit Cook and Catering
Address: Kuvar Singh Colony, Chas, Bokaro
Contact No.: 9835384380

Annapurna Catering
Address: Sector 2/B,Bokaro Steel City
Contact No.: 9334060901

Sandhya Catering and Cooking
Address: Sector 2/A, Bokaro Steel City
Contact No.: 9835597144

Subhash Cooking and Catering
Address: Main Road, Chas, Bokaro
Contact No.: 9334138681

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