Entertainment and Nightlife In Bokaro

Bokaro being a small city is not bereft of fun and entertainment. The options range from sightseeing to shopping and visiting places of interests to relax and spend good time. The city post modernization and urbanization offers a wide range of recreational places including parks, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, malls and multiplexes. The city is slowly but steadily reaching at a point to be equivalent to an urban city’s culture and habits.

Nightlife in Bokaro

Entertainment in Bokaro

Bokaro has donned the urban culture but it will take some time to reach every attribute of that culture. The city doesn’t have a great nightlife compared to other cities but there are pubs and bars in and around the city for those who prefer late night hangouts. Bokaro Club though is a famous night club in Bokaro but still it is out of reach of common people. Reason it is developed primarily to entertain the officers of Bokaro Steel Plant. Every week two movies are showcased in the hall area of the club. Further major cultural events and shows are organized every year in Bokaro club. Similarly Ispat Club also caters the officers of Bokaro Steel Plant. Just like Bokaro Club it organizes cultural events and shows.

Malls and Multiplexes in Bokaro

The earlier township was built with basic amenities and provided basic services. The approach and lifestyle then was simple. But with urbanization and modernization, the lifestyle of the people in this city has changed gradually. So it is also important to implement the necessary changes and set-up to match the manifesting lifestyle. The Bokaro administration has taken steps to turn the city into a shopping hub of the region. An anti-encroachment drive was launched to make way for malls and multiplexes. The BSL administration has prepared a blueprint to develop shopping destinations and multi-screen theatres.

Entertainment options in Bokaro

The Bokaro Mall which is under construction is being developed as the luxury shopping destination for the population of every age group in the city. Once completed it will be the first mega sprawling shopping mall of the city. The mall will have all the latest facilities to make the customer satisfied.With a cost of Rs. 40 crores, the mall is being built in the heart of the city and has all the latest brands with modern amenities to add to the shine. The mall will have three screens of PVR Cinemas, Big Bazaar, Food Court, Club with facilities of steam bath, sauna bath, gym and swimming pool. The mall is designed by J.P. Agarwal a famous architect in Eastern India. It will surely bring out the megacity mall experience in Bokaro.

Eyelex Multiplex is located in the prime commercial area of the city. The old Devi Cinema has been converted to the new multiplex which is a 3-screen multiplex with 750 seats. Glitz Cinema, having already a successful multiplex in Jharkhand, is all set to open a second multiplex in Bokaro. AV Quetzal Mall is an upcoming project which shall be a five-storied and 30000 sq. feet floored area mall.

Cinema Halls in Bokaro

Bokaro is a city of cinema lovers. Though the malls and multiplexes have come to fore recently, the city earlier had many air-conditioned cinema halls. Many of the cinema halls have closed down except for two of them. The reason for their closure was decreasing number of viewers due to the fact that many people preferred going to the multiplex in the neighboring district of Dhanbad. But now with the city having new multiplexes now, the people of Bokaro have got their own theaters to watch newly released movies.
The two cinema halls that are still holds ground in terms of popularity are Jitendra Cinema and Pali Plaza in Sector IV. Adhering to the present demands, these two cinema halls have revamped their facilities to attract the old crowd. Renovations included sitting arrangements, interior, picture and sound quality, pantry and installation of air-conditioners. The old 70 mm screen made of cloth has been replaced with digital screens, while movies are now shown on UFO movie-digital platform with good picture quality. In addition to all these, the halls are adorned with carpets on floors with footlights installed on stairs. Moreover, old plastic chairs have been replaced by luxurious push-back chairs.
The closed halls which once graced the steel city were Alpana Cinema, Devi Cinema, Kuldeep Talkies and Chandera Cinema. Devi Cinema is now converted to Eyelex Multiplex which is a three-screen multiplex with capacity of 750 seats.

Other Entertainment Options in Bokaro

The city has various family clubs to celebrate the festivals and other important occasions together. These clubs also provides in-house activities for people to enjoy their free time. The city has many restaurants providing a wide range of food items from Chinese to Continental. There are also franchises of different food joints across the city. There are also coffee shops for the population, in particularly, the young population to enjoy their time out. The City Park is also a good place to spend some quality time.

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